School Council

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The School Council’s purpose... 

Is to provide a management base as outlined in the Education Act, which reflects the views of the whole school community.
The School Council’s responsibilities include:

  • Advising the principal about the educational needs of the community
  • Building links between parents, community groups and the school
  • Assessing and advising on the physical needs of the school
  • Determining community use of school facilities
  • Managing the school’s annual financial budget
  • Overseeing work on buildings and grounds being carried out at the school
  • Employing school council staff

Tennant Creek High School Council

Tennant Creek High School Council holds meetings each month, generally on the first Wednesday of every month, at 6pm. The meetings can be held at the school or at other suitable venues in the community. The meetings are open to the whole school community. The Council is a body corporate with an approved constitution whose members are made up of parents, teachers and student representatives. Participation is encouraged from the wider community; the council seeks to have family representation that mirrors the demographic of the school (85% Indigenous).

Chairperson: Renjith Kollakkombil
Executive Officer: Maisie Floyd - Principal
Administrative Officer:  
Invited Member:  
Parent Representatives: Rowena Verdillo

Alvin Verdillo

Aboriginal Hostels Representative: Henly Taka
Teacher Representatives: