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25 Sep 2020
Congratulations to the Flynn House for their victory in the Athletics Carnival ahead of 2nd place
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12 Sep 2020
It’s been a busy week! Lots of opportunities both at school and beyond the grounds.
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28 Aug 2020
Street Art Legal Aid StreetArt designed and painted by our TCHS artists.
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21 Aug 2020
Deadly StreetArt! Thanks to Jordan Conrad and our artists from left to right
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16 Aug 2020
Well done to all those students who got involved with the Barkly School Sports Carnival.
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07 Aug 2020
Certificate II in Engineering Pathways
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31 Jul 2020
Well done to all those students who participated in the Street Art project this week. 
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24 Jul 2020
Pyjama day!
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26 Jun 2020
Another great week at TCHS with StreetArt providing the opportunity for students to leave their p
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