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Tennant Creek High School offers opportunities to participate in nationally recognised training for students in Year 9, 10, 11, 12. The training allows students to develop a range of work skills that can lead to future employment positions. This covers a variety of industries including school-based or full-time apprenticeships, or traineeships and further training.

Tennant Creek High School, in 2018, offers opportunities for students in the following vocational courses

  •  SIT10213 - Certificate I in Hospitality
  • AHC10216 - Certificate 1 in Agrifoods 
  • CPC20111 - Certificate II in Construction 
  • AHC21216 - Certificate II in Rural Operations
  • MEM20413 - Certificate II in Engineering Pathways 
  • CPC32411 - Certificate III in Plumbing 
  • UEE30811 - Certificate III in Electrotechnology 


VET Skill Sets
  • White Card
  • Working at Heights
  • Engineering Pathways units
  • First Aid
PreVET Skills Pathways
  • Construction
  • Agrifoods/Rural Operations
  • Hospitality


Training facilities include the Tennant Creek High School, Juno Training Centre, Blue Bush Station, Mistake Creek and where possible and appropriate working with the local community on relevant and engaging projects.

Vocational courses offer the following benefits for students:

  • Competency achievement which leads to the award of a certificate which is nationally recognised
  • Competency achievement which is recognised and contributes towards Stage 1 and/or Stage 2 credit towards the Northern Territory Certificate of Education (NTCET)
  • Development of employability skills which are recognised and valued by employers
  • Increased confidence and communication skills


Ms Dominique Webb VET Horse Trainer
Mr Lindsay Montgomery-Quin Rural Operations / Agrifoods
Ms Tyaan Tuckey AgriFoods/Rural Operations/Agriculture
Mr Scott Berry Hospitality
Ms Rebecca McDonald VET Coordinator



Students at Tennant Creek High School are encouraged to take part in vocational courses as part of their pathways through senior school. Students aged 14 and over are able to apply to enrol in vocational courses (Certificate 1 or above); younger students are encouraged to enrol in taster courses in a range of areas depending on availability of trainers.

Vocational education and policy