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A block is the Front Office and Administration area and includes the Staff Room and toilets.

B block is the Library and incorporates the Cyber (Computer Room primarily used for Senior School classes) and rooms B3 and B4 used for senior school classes. There is also a room for Year 11/12 students to work independently.

C block has a classroom, the Metalwork and Woodwork areas with the Trade Training Centre at the rear.


Adjacent to the workshop areas is the Stars Foundations student area.

D block includes the two Art Rooms and the Textiles Room and Kitchen.

E block is the two science labs and includes the Science Preparation Room and a resource area for science. The ‘Animal House’ at the back of the labs is the preparation area for the Maths/Science team of teachers.

Lab 3 is a multi-purpose classroom which is used as the MakerSpace. 

Lab 3 also includes the office for the Health Promoting School nurse and the office of the Stars Foundation Staff.

F block has six teaching rooms, F0 to F5. Also included is the Computer Room used primarily for Middle School classes. In 2017 classrooms F3, F5 are designated Year 7 base rooms; Lab 3, F4 are the base rooms for the Year 8; F0, F1 and F2 are designated as base rooms for Year 9.

G block is the Performing Arts Centre with stage, Music Room and Practice Room at the rear. It is also used as the venue for school Assemblies and other school events.

GYM is the full-size Gymnasium used by the Health/PE Faculty as well as for sporting events both in the school and the wider community.

T block is situated behind D block and consists of three demountable buildings T1, T2 and T3. T1 is used as a base room for Rural Operations vocational training. T2 is the student space for the Clontarf Academy. T3 is the office space for our vocational staff and the Clontarf Academy personnel.

T4 is a Teachers’ preparation area for English/SOSE Teachers and others and is situated adjacent to the general staff room.


Tennant Creek High School is wireless networked throughout. All students have access to desktop computers in the Cyber or Computer Room with additional desktops in the Library, Lab 3 and the Technical Studies classroom. Nearly all teaching areas have a data projector, interactive whiteboard and designated desktop computer. Trolleys of laptops are available for classroom loan in various parts of the school. All computers in the school have internet access. Sets of Ipads are also available for classroom loan.


The library facilities are run by the library technician who is available to offer support and advice to staff and students.

The library offers a wide range of resources to support teaching and learning in the school. In addition to the book collection there is a video/DVD collection, periodicals and newspapers, general staff resources and behaviour management resources.

The library can be booked for class use for research, or reading. The booking sheet is located at the front desk of the library. Teachers can request the help of the library staff for gathering resources for a class if appropriate notice is given. Students in the Years 7-10 should not enter the library without a teacher. A student in Year 7-10 can only do individual research in the library with a note from their teacher and at the discretion of the librarian.

Staff members are expected to closely supervise their students at all times while in the library. Noise and movement should not inconvenience other staff and students using the library.

The resource TV4ED is available for all staff to access and guidance for its use is available from the library technician.