Term 2 Week 6

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23 May 2020

Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May 2020

A big thank you to the Remote School Attendance Strategy Team for their support of TCHS by providing staff to support our students. A big shout out to Daniel Fraser, Liam Holt-Fitz, Wynona McAuliffe and Nicolas Tracker.

Thank you also to RSAS for the school attendance vouchers they were given out at our assembly last week and for providing a fabulous supply of fruit - the students have been really enjoying it.

Don’t forget to like the Juno Centre Facebook page where you can see our Certificate I and Certificate II students in action. There are some great photos which showcase all the learning activities that are going on.

A reminder that traffic light reports for Year 7-9 will be available from Monday.

As we mentioned last week it is intended that this report informs both students and families of how things are tracking with the assessment. There is plenty of time left for students to improve assessment outcomes through family encouragement and ongoing conversations.

As always please know that you are more than welcome to make contact with the school anytime that you would like to discuss any aspect of learning.